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Lyndsey's Latest Column Entry
Dec 23
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I’d like to take a brief moment and thank everyone and anyone out there in the world who has taken the time to read my columns and articles that appear on websites and in magazines ( both locally and nationally) on a regular basis. I’d also like to thank those who have read any of my books (or all of them). I appreciate it more than you will ever know.


  • QueenieCover1
    The Education of Queenie McBride

    Sometimes the most important education happens outside of the classroom. Over privileged and overconfident, Queenie McBride thinks she has this whole college thing figured out. But as soon as classes begin at Boston University, she realizes that things aren’t going to be as easy as they were in high school. … Continue reading

  • ebookcover_s
    A Three-Step Guide to Becoming a Published Author

    As a published author, I often receive questions from family, friends and strangers about the publishing process. My journey into the world of publishing started in 2006 and it was full of many twists and turns. But the experience and knowledge I have gained has been worth every step. I … Continue reading

  • TTWED_coverFinal_rgb
    The Trouble with Emily Dickinson

    Josephine Jenkins, better known as JJ, is in her senior year at Sampson Academy. She’s a closet poet, a talented writer suffering from stage fright, and she’s committed the ultimate lesbian faux pas — she’s fallen in love with a straight girl. Kendal McCarthy is uber popular. She’s the campus … Continue reading

  • crabapple_tree_cover_only-149x230
    The Crabapple Tree

    Busy Wheeler is a spirited tomboy who’s adopted and best friends with a mentally handicapped boy named Billy. She is suddenly having strange feelings for the new girl at school and fighting an overwhelming sensation that she’s growing up too fast. After getting into trouble too many times at school, … Continue reading