Maggie’s Adventure: I’m Going Over Niagara Falls In A Barrel

This fun children’s story and activity book is for kids ages 2-8!

Featuring my daughter Maggie, who wants to go on an adventure over Niagara Falls, but doesn’t know what she should take with her on the journey! Follow Maggie as she prepares for her big adventure, and wanders throughout the house looking for important items to take with her over the Falls.

This book is also interactive, and encourages coloring as well as engages the imagination through several age-appropriate activities related to the book’s story.

It’s available now for a special price of $8.99 (plus tax and shipping charges)

Every order receives a signed copy. Some of the proceeds of the book will go to local non-profit organizations, businesses and independent bookstores in the Buffalo area. For bulk orders (5 or more), please contact me directly at

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