A Three-Step Guide to Becoming a Published Author

As a published author, I often receive questions from family, friends and strangers about the publishing process. My journey into the world of publishing started in 2006 and it was full of many twists and turns. But the experience and knowledge I have gained has been worth every step. I took everything I learned and created an E-book. Now I can provide sound advice for anyone who dreams of becoming a published author.

In this E-book, you’ll find a three-step gui de on how to approach the publishing process as well as numerous tips and useful information. It’s a short and quick read — so you can start working on getting published right away!

Download your copy today, so that you can approach the publishing world with confidence and a plan. 

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Disclaimer: Downloading and reading A Three-Step Guide to Becoming a Published Author does not guarantee a publishing contract, nor does any of the advice and information provided in the E-book suggest that getting published is guaranteed. Upon purchasing the E-book mentioned above, you agree that Lyndsey D’Arcangelo is not liable for the outcome of your publishing experience.



“So, I wrote a book and thought that I was finished, having no clue that the hardest part was yet to come. Publishing. The reality is that publishing companies struggle alongside writers as the book world changes. Print-on-demand, e-books, Kindle, etc., make it possible for almost anyone to publish their work by a variety of methods, none of which are quite simple. Lyndsey, experienced with the latest trends, was able to offer direct feedback about concepts and terms that were new to me, from the proposal through to signing a publishing contract. If not for her urging me to ask questions and demand that certain points be included in the contract, I might have passed over relevant details. Lyndsey’s thorough and prompt guidance comes from solid publishing experience, of both the good and bad type, which may help to avoid wasting time and losing money.”

Katie Aldridge