‘We’re leading with innovation’: Buffalo Beauts GM is giddy about the upcoming NWHL season

HAMBURG, NY — As he sits at a gleaming wooden table in the corner of Hamm & Fattey’s on a warm Sunday afternoon, Nik Fattey smiles wide. He slides his hand across the smooth wood, proud of the handiwork­ — his own handiwork. In May 2017, the 39-year-old started the namesake craft beer store and bar with his neighbor, Ben Hamm, and set it up in Hamburg, NY, right around the corner from where he grew up.

“It was just something fun we wanted to do. We both loved trying cool and different beers. Ben’s more of the creative side of things and I’m more of the business side. We built this table. These are boards put together and laminated.” He pauses and looks around. “We built a lot of the furniture in here. I love how it all looks.”

The reason for Fattey’s giddiness isn’t just because of how well his craft beer venture is going, or how much he enjoys being the vice president/director of hockey at the HarborCenter in downtown Buffalo.

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