A Perfect Storm: Inside the Freezing, Snowy, Glorious Colts-Bills Game

It felt like I was getting ready for an afternoon of sledding with my friends, instead of a football game.

The forecast for the Buffalo Bills late-season matchup against the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday was ominous. The temp was low thirties, but the wind chill brought it down to twenty. It called for snow. Lots of snow. Lake effect snow. And if you’re not from Western New York and you’ve never seen lake effect snow before, let me tell you—it’s no joke. Think of Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates analogy, you never know what you’re going to get. Six inches can quickly turn into two feet, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Wet, damp snow is great for building snowmen and then watching through the window while you comfortably sip hot chocolate by a roaring fire. It’s not all that great for sitting for four hours, outside, during a football game.

For a very brief moment, I considered not going. But the last time I had been to wintery snow game was back when I was just a kid, and that kid in me wanted to experience the fun of it all over again. So, I threw on layers upon layers, snow pants, snow jacket, hat, two scarfs, two pairs of socks, waterproof snow boots and made my way to the game. Remember that scene in A Christmas Story, when the boys are getting all geared up for their walk to school? The youngest son, Randy, is so layered up that when he finally puts his snowsuit on he looks like a blimp that’s ready to pop—and he can’t move his arms. That was me.

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