‘Never Ever Give Up’: Inside Josh Allen’s special bond with 13-year-old cancer survivor Cade Spinello

ORCHARD​ PARK,​ N.Y. — Sitting​ in​ one​ of the team​ offices at​ One Bills Drive, Josh Allen​ is​ casually dressed​​ in a red Bills T-shirt and blue mesh shorts. He’s back in Buffalo for organized team activities, getting ready for a highly anticipated sophomore season. But that’s not what he’s here to talk about today.

On Josh’s left wrist is a thick rubber band splashed in white and blue with the words “Never Ever Give Up” branded along the side. It’s the spelled-out version of NEGU, a charity organization for kids fighting cancer. The 22-year-old quarterback never takes it off or leaves it behind. He wears it wherever he goes, whether he’s hanging out with friends, sitting in a team meeting at the Bills training facility, throwing footballs to receivers during practice or even in the thick of a regular-season game at New Era Stadium in front of 70,000 screaming football fans.

To Josh, it’s much more than a wristband with a motivational phrase. It’s a special gift from his friend, Cade Spinello — a 13-year-old cancer survivor with the resilience, strength and easygoing charm of a comic book superhero. Cade gave Josh the bracelet last year when Josh was training before the NFL Draft.

Josh hasn’t taken it off since.

“I draw inspiration from him knowing what he’s been through, what his family has been through and how he keeps on pushing forward,” Josh says. “All the obstacles that he’s seen in his life, especially at such a young age, it’s not really fair for a young kid to go through.”

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