Expats to Repats: They traveled the world, but Buffalo is where they belonged

Paul and Linda Hardaway first met at the original Zionist Baptist Church on Maple Avenue when they were both starry-eyed teenagers. For 13-year-old Linda, it was love at first sight — so much so that she even bet her friend (now sister-in-law) a dollar that she was going to win Paul’s heart. For 14-year-old Paul, it was only a matter of time before Linda won the bet.

The two have been together ever since.

“We got married in our late teens and became parents right away,” Paul, now 55, said. “I left for the Air Force five days later. My first station assignment was in Rome, N.Y. So, that’s where we went.”

From Rome, the Hardaways shipped off to the Philippines for three years. Then, they went to North Dakota.

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