Catching Up With … Vernon Turner as his life story gets the Hollywood treatment

Vernon​ Turner​ never imagined his​ life​ story​ would be turned​ into a major​ motion picture. But it’s happening.​ The​ script has​​ already been written by Brad Gann, the writer of the Disney hit “Invincible” starring Mark Wahlberg . The cast is almost set. And once a director is selected and the announcement is formally made, filming will commence.

All Turner has to do is sit back and watch as his inspirational true tale of how he somehow made it to the NFL and onto the Buffalo Bills is magically reinvented on the big screen for the world to see.

“My entire life has been one big arcade game,” Turner laughs. “One head scratcher after another. Even when I reflect back on how things started and where they went, I still scratch my head. It’s my life and I know what happened in it, but to read a script of that caliber brought me to tears.

“It’s one thing to read your life story in a book,” he says, “but when they reincarnate that into a movie with real people playing parts and portraying you, it’s surreal.”

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