Catching up with… René Robert: All these years later, the NHL legend still feels drawn back to Buffalo

These days, hockey legend René Robert fills his days with golfing, fishing, working out to stay in shape, and riding his Harley. He lives in Florida for the better part of the year, but ventures back to Buffalo for the summer months. And even though he only spent eight years of his professional hockey career in the Queen City,  there’s just something about Buffalo that he’ll always love and appreciate.

“When you look at Buffalo from the outside, it’s not that appealing until you live here,” Robert jokes during a late morning phone call. He’s getting ready to go out and look for an apartment because at 69 years old, it’s time to downsize. “If you happen to drive through the city, there isn’t much to look at. But what makes Buffalo what it is is the people. The people are so friendly and warm and accommodating, once you hang your hat here you don’t want to leave. That’s basically what kept me here.”

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