Buffalove from Afar: William Fichtner is ‘drawn to the feeling of coming home’

Sitting at a corner table in Spot Coffee on Delaware Avenue, William Fichtner is not only happy to be back in Buffalo but he’s savoring each and every moment.

In town for a quick meeting with Tim Clark of the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission, the 60-year-old actor is getting ready to shoot a movie that he co-wrote and is starring in. He teases the plot with a knowing smile, “It’s about doing the right thing.”

A couple strolls by to pick up their order. The bearded barista has called out their names more than a few times already, projecting his gruff voice above the din.

“That guy is the loudest barista I’ve ever heard,” Fichtner says. Then to the couple, “Josh you better get your coffee.”

The man laughs. His wife seizes the moment. “I’m so glad to see you back in your hometown,” she says.

“Thank you. Happy to be here.” As the couple leaves, Fichtner leans forward in his chair and whispers, “That right there. That’s Buffalo.”

Fichtner has a self-described eternal love affair with his hometown city. It began when he was a young boy, growing up on Lucy Lane in Cheektowaga. It grew as he developed what would become lifelong friendships with other kids in the neighborhood. And it deepened as he sat with his father at War Memorial Stadium and watched the Bills play.

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