This Song Got Me Like

I have this habit. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was younger. I’ll hear a song and, from the very first note, I’ll feel it flow into my ears and throughout my body in a way that other songs never do. I enjoy lots of various genres of music, so this can happen with any type of song. But when it does, the Taurus in me digs in and holds on tight. I play the song into the ground, never getting sick of it, never getting enough of it, never letting it rest.

You’d think I’d eventually lose interest or that the spell a song like that casts on me would wane. But it doesn’t. Eventually, I’ll move on to other songs and other artists. But whenever I hear that song again, a familiar tingle will arise in my stomach, my heart swells and I feel the feels all over again.

There are varying degrees as to how overwhelmed with emotion a song will make me feel. Most times, they fall in the middle of an intensity scale, perhaps a five or a six if I’m labeling it one through ten. For example, Rhianna’s Love On The Brain came in at a six along with Hasley’s Bad At Love, while Judah & The Lion’s Take It All Back 2.0, Emeli Sande’s Hurts and Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey had me at a seven. Most songs that get me fall in that range. But every once and a while, I’ll come across a ten. A flat ten will suck the breath right from my lungs, make me teary-eyed and weary, cause me to pop a bottle of wine and turn the lights down low, and take up permanent residence in my mental and emotional folder of “This Song Got Me Like.”

The last flat ten for me was Adele’s Hello. When the news broke that she had released her new single after extensive time away from the spotlight, I immediately wanted to check it out. I’m an Adele fan. Always have been. But I didn’t expect Hello. I wasn’t ready for it. I watched the video once, then again and again. I sat there for at least twenty minutes replaying it over and over again. I cried. I downloaded the song. I played it every chance I got. And even though it got overplayed on the radio, I never grew sick of it. I’m not sick of it now. When I hear it come up on my playlist, I don’t hit “next.” I listen, I swell, I welcome back those intense emotions all over again.

Yesterday, I experienced another ten. It’s called Too Much To Ask and it’s by Niall Horan. I was never a fan of One Direction. Some of their songs were okay, like Story Of My Life. But I didn’t expect any of them to have the kind of solo success they are having. Niall is by far the most talented as far as song writing goes. I love every song he’s put out so far—This Town and Slow Hands. But I didn’t expect him to give me a ten. I listened to the song last night and bam—ten fold. All the feels. I’m sharing it now because, why not? Maybe it will resonate with someone else, maybe it won’t. Doesn’t matter. This song got me like that. And probably always will.

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